SiFotonics Showcases Advanced Silicon Photonics Products at OFC 2019

San Diego, California---SiFotonics Technologies Co., Ltd, a pioneer and global leader in silicon photonics integrated circuits, today announced that it will showcase its portfolio of advanced silicon photonics products at OFC 2019 conference and exhibition.

SiFotonics will showcase:

  • Industry temperature, high sensitivity 25Gbps avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver module for extended reach 5G front haul applications. This product is now generally available and shipping in high volume

  • Industry temperature, high sensitivity 50Gbps PAM4 APD receiver module for long reach 5G mid-haul optical networking applications. This product is now available for sampling.

  • Commercial and industry temperature, high sensitivity 100Gbps PAM4 APD receiver module for most economical data center and 5G interconnect applications. This product is now available for sampling.

  • 4x25G PIN photodiode array for high volume 100G data center interconnect applications. This product is now shipping in high volume

  • 4x25G APD receiver module for extended reach 100G applications. This product is available for sampling

  • 32Gbaud micro integrated coherent receiver module for 100G and 200G metro and data center interconnect (DCI) applications. The product is available for sampling.

  • 64GBaud integrated coherent receiver photonics integrated circuit chip for 400G metro and DCI applications. This product is available for sampling.

“With rapid increase of optical networking bandwidth required for large data centers and 5G wireless optical transport, advanced high sensitivity receiver technologies are in high demand to address the challenge of physical limitation of reduced link budget with increase speed. SiFotonics unique capability of advanced germanium on silicon detection technology with complex photonics integrated circuits offers compelling solutions to global tier 1 customers”, commented by Dr. Rang-Chen Yu, Chief Operating Officer of SiFotonics.

“Our products are based on more than 10 years of development with industry leading silicon photonics platforms with unique combination of commercial CMOS foundry and proprietary controlled germanium on silicon processes and fabrication tools that enable rapid innovation with high efficiency. We are excited to see increasing demand of our products and looking forward to support expanding requirements with our technology and product solutions”, further added by Dr. Dong Pan, founder and CEO of SiFotonics.

About SiFotonics Technologies Ltd.

SiFotonics Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading solution provider for ultra-high speed data center and 5G wireless optical networking applications with advanced silicon photonics components and integrated circuits. SiFotonics was established in 2006, has a research and development center in Beijing and Shanghai, and new manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China. SiFotonics web site is

SiFotonics will be attending OFC Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, CA from March 3rd to 7th at booth # 5423. Dr. Dong Pan, SiFotonics CEO, will co-chair a panel on “PIC Foundry Commercial Access: Prospects and Challenges” on Wednesday, 8-10am, Room Number 1. Dr. Pan will also preside at a technical session “Detectors”, on Thursday, 2-4pm.