Electronics Engineer

Provide technical expertise in the research, design and test Application-specific silicon photonics devices and optical interconnection system for consumer electronics and commercial applications.

    Specifically, define and implement electro-optical system and PCB circuits design, simulation and fabrication; evaluate all aspects of the semiconductor manufacture process from cost performance, reliability and design flow; design, fabricate and package devices including electro optical device such as Photodiode (PD), VCSEL, TO/ROSA, integrated circuit(IC) for fiber communication; design test bench for each device and whole electro-optical system, conduct test experiments for data acquisition by using electronic device characterization equipments; design and debug Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) software and flow for mass production; troubleshoot and repair both current products and old designs. Maintain the security, accuracy and completeness of information, files and data created.


1. Master degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

2. With 1-year proven experience taking analog/mixed signal integrated circuits from spec to transistor level design and mass production.

3. Experience of electro-optical system design using electro-optical devices such as Photodiode (PD), VCSEL, TO/ROSA is required.

4. Deep understanding of electrical layer of serial link specifications and physical layer of optical communication protocol.

5. Design experience on serial links (HDMI/SATA/PCIe) is also required.

6. Up to 30% international travel to Shanghai China is expected.  

Please send resume to SiFotonics Technologies (USA), Inc. at 500 West Cummings Park, Suite 3250, Woburn, MA 01801.Attn: C. Hong, Director. Ref#: 3488963.

SiFotonics Technologies (USA), Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in any way in our employment practices.

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