SiFotonics Attended OFC2017

SiFotonics Technologies has attended and exhibited at theOptical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC), which held 19-23 March 2017 inLos Angeles, California.

At OFC, SiFotonics has demonstrated the SiliconPhotonics-based 25G/50G APD Receiver and 100G/200G ICR solutions. SiFotonicsCEO Dr. Dong Pan has presented a report entitled “Cost-Effective 25G APDTO-Can/ROSA for 100G Application” on the Invited Talks section.

The high performance of SiFotonics’ 25G Ge/Si APD has beenwidely recognized at the conference. Several tier 1 companies in the industryhave presented reports of high sensitivity achieved by using SiFotonics’ 25GAPDs, including:

Tu2D.1 (Huawei), Tu2B.2 (Inphi): Ultra high 25G PAM4(50Gb/s) sensitivity with SiFotonics’ linear APD ROSA

M3H.6 (ZTE): Ultra high 25G NRZ sensitivity with SiFotonics’TO-Can APD ROSA

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