SiFotonics Attended OFC2016

On exhibition, SiFotonics demonstratedvarious advanced products for 25G, 100G and 400G applications, including:

25G/4x25GAPD chips AP2005-12M3/AP2045-16M3;

25G/4x25GPD chips PD2005-20M3/PD2045-20M3;

100GDP-QPSK coherent receiver PIC chip CR4Q01;

100GPSM4 Tx PIC chip TP4Q01;

25Gbaud APD receiver RLNS200 for PAM4;

50Gbaud APD receiver RLHS400 for PAM4;

100GDP-QPSK Si-based PIC coherent receiver MRHI301, etc.

On conference, SiFotonics has presented apaper (Tu2D.2) entitled “Breakthrough of25Gb/s Germanium on Silicon Avalanche Photodiode”.

The exhibition booth and report ofSiFotonics have attracted tremendous attentions from both academia andindustry.

Knowmore about our products and report: