SiFotonics Technologies Co. Ltd. is a world leading Silicon Photonics company that designs, manufactures and markets silicon photonic solutions, which include the Ge-on-Si optical devices and silicon photonic integrated circuits based products for cost-effective, high-speed optical interconnects..

2007: Established R&D centers in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

2011: Established a silicon photonics production line in a standard CMOS foundry with proprietary Ge process control in Taiwan, where the silicon photonics devices and integrated circuits are fabricated.

2015: Breakthrough achieved: Demonstrated Ge-on-Si APD with industry leading performance.

2016: Mass production of Ge-on-Si APD/PIN devices, and showed fully integrated 100G/200G ICR chips.

2017: Developed world first 56GHz waveguide integrated APD and fully integrated silicon photonic solution for 400G DR4/FR4.


China - Beijing
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China - Hongkong
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USA - Boston
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