Why Ge/Si

  • Replace conventional III-V materials as receiving devices to save cost

  • Provide better performance of receiver than III-V receiver, such as 25/50G avalanche photo diode

  • Provide more robust reliability such as non-hermetic application

Why Ge/Si dark current doesn't matter when the bandwidth is over 10Gbps

  • Over 10Gbps, the noise is mainly dominated by TIA instead of Ge/Si PIN/APD dark current. Hence the device performance will not be impacted by PIN/APD dark current.

  • SiFotonics's photo diode products have passed 5000hrs HTOL test at 175°C following the Telcordia GR-468-CORE standard. Over 1kk unit of PIN/APD devices have been shipped to the market.

Why Si Photonics

  • 4x100G PIC is already realized across the Silicon Photonics platform

  • Provide 400G (PAM4) data center solution and 600G coherent solution per lambda.